Monday, 8 February 2010

Pub Life

Meeting friends

Drinking booze

Talking and talking and talking

Oblivious to Josh Wink on the stereo

Pot collector staring

Barmaids glaring

Crowds of Ralph Lauren shirt wearing, Tots girls blaring,

Blonde roots, pissed geezers, perved breathers

All conversing

Even adidas old school, guitar stringed mystery rockers,

Pub life

Kids, men, women, dogs

Creation beyond jukebox beyond bar stool beyond hope

Underage frenzied danger

Adds to the night-life bats, owls, vampires that sit beneath the stars

Cross-legged on a dampened bench

I knew you at school, I knew her at college, I know him cause he knows my dad

People becoming frames

Becoming bodies

Becoming eyes

Drift to rows, queues, the last one to shout the rounds.

Nights nearly over

When every label on the beer bottles been torn

Balls of shreds

Lay in sweaty palms

Bells make noise

Rooms been poised

Victimised boozers drag home

(wrote this aged 16 or 17)

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