Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Page 40.

Naughty at forty?
What is that supposed to mean?
Do you suddenly start saying "pass the fucking salt" at dinner tables and snorting your broad beans?
But you musn't be grumpy, oh you musn't be down, that can all come later,
For now you must celebrate being the same age as Christian Slater!
Or the fact that you are now old enough to present the news,
And still young enough to completely take your booze,
There's still time to write that book, invent that thing,
Run a marathon, buy an antique table, punch Sting,
Embrace the idea of dinner parties with 10 different kinds of cheese!
Or is that an urban myth, that all 40 year olds have underground connections on how to get several bries?


Ray said...

This is hilarious.

Julie Collings said...

effing genius!