Thursday, 6 May 2010

One Day, This Will Be For You.

I look at you and I think I’d like to meet you

I see you and my heart skips a beat

You could have your pick of people

So why would you pick me?

I’d agree

And walk away, back into the norm of nobody

You’ll never see me

I doubt we’ll ever meet

But if we do, I’d like to think I could make you laugh

You’d listen to what I had to say

And when our eyes meet, you’d see right through me

And I’d see right through you

But we’d still stay with what we could see

We’d have everything to live for and we’d feel free

You’d just be you and there’d be no news

I hope I get to tell you that I wrote this for you

But if I don’t, I won’t cry or lose control

I’ll take it with me, to my head then thread it through my soul

And I’ll die knowing that at least it felt true.

To say one day, I wrote this for you.

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