Friday, 8 November 2013

An ode to boats.

Abrahamic Ark gives
P Diddy’s yacht
a bad name

See my Bawley boom
as it bobs along the Estuary
onto Brightlingsea

Versatile Cutter
Collectively calling
Many boats of the waves

Drifting in my Dhow
Delivering dragonfruit
Indian Ocean for company

Fall in love
With a fit Felucca
Fawned over by tourists

Climb aboard the
trusty, insanely British Nobby
Northern to the core

Paddle in my Peter Boat
Passenger led
Or a pub instead

Pontoon, punt
Power and pram
Skiff, sloop, surf and steam

Alphabetically speaking
Boats in reams
Cargoes of beauty

Vessels of duty
A loner’s lover
A romantic undercover

An ode to boats
Ode to the sea

Written for Shorelines Literature Festival 2013

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