Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Short back and Sidebottoms

1988, no.73,

I saw you but you didn't see me,

I couldn't work out if your head was real,

I was only 8 and hadn't yet grasped,

the concept of 'surreal',

You paved the way,

For papier-mache,

No-one did a Queen cover like you,

"Freddie Mer-cur-rio!"

I loved your rickety keyboard and rickety Little Frank,

And I always wanted to ask,

if the inside of that head stank,

You are a one-off,

a meteorite of weird,

Who I loved when I was 8,

Til now,

and forever adhered,

Frank Sidebottom, rest in peace

and big up Timperley Big Shorts F.C

1 comment:

rxkitten said...

what a lovely memorial, poor Frank he will be missed :-(