Monday, 19 July 2010

St James

Picnic hamper,

Digging in my knee,

Chicken & stuffing,

In tiny rolls,

Jug of pimms,

Evening feast,

Goodbye Jonathan Ross,

Hello to The Cult on VHS,

Leather trousers,

Weary eyes,

Broken sleep,

Butter on bloomer,

Walk into town,

Cheeseburger crisps,

Peanut sweets,

Garlic gills,

Olives on tap,

Big baby seagulls,

Old lady cycling,

Clutching inflatable helicopter,

Spilt chorizo juice,

9% cider,

Warm tin-pot of Mussels,

Fish burps,

Tipsy taxi home,

A woman called Horse,

Tequila brain,

Four different kinds of cheese,

Midnight potato salad,

Primal Scream,

Wake to a fry-up,

Long coach home,

Victoria's burning,

Melting sun-cream,

Engineering 'doesn't' works,

Sardine train,

Boozy snoozing,

Key in the door,

Rucksack sores,

Lie in bed,

Elevate the leg,

Weekend over,

We'll go there again.

1 comment:

rxkitten said...

Love this poem, all at the same time it is; descriptive, ellegant, sweet, funny and enticing!