Wednesday, 11 August 2010

You've Not Been Successful.

They put me in a transparent room,

With a transparent lady,

Two teenage boys in suits,

It felt criminal,

We looked at the floor,

A hostile blue carpet of guilt and shame,

A five hour interview,

Then emotionally maimed,

A sea of suits look on,

Grateful it's not them,

Happy they're next,

Through to the next round,

Who decided this X Factor interview strategy?

I'd rather have sung a song,

Knocking out Britney,

"This isn't the last you'll see of me"

I'd snarl, against a heavenly white backdrop,

Addressing the nation,

Pointing my finger,

I would have enjoyed that more,

But not today,

Today is for the worthless,

Low self-esteem,

Sharing the lift together,

With a lump in our throats,

Wishing each other luck,

As we pat our backs,

I cycled home on wheels of doubt,

My only solace once indoors?

"I'll put this in a poem"


rxkitten said...

eek interviews, makes me feel sick just to think about it! You describe the feeling so very well. (Most definatly their loss to not put you through). x

Ray Morgan said...

This is fantastic. Well done for creating art out of a bad situation.