Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tuesday Blues.

They say Monday is the death of a weekend,

I find Tuesday more fit for an urn,

It's post-nothing and pre-what?

Stuck in a drawer,

Back of the cupboard,

The oddest of socks,

Wednesday is; "halfway through the week",

Thursday is; "Friday tomorrow"

Friday needs no introduction, and,

Monday clearly knows it place,

It's Tuesday's that don't get picked to play,

Tuesday's are the one glove you see on the ground,

Tuesday needs counselling and constant supervision,

Lithium is the drug of Tuesday,

A gin and tonic, no slice, is the drink,

Steam rising from chimney tops,

Shades of lead in skies,

Leafless trees, and,

Lifeless eyes,

I got those Tuesday blues again.

1 comment:

rxkitten said...

So very true and beautifully put!