Monday, 18 February 2013

I'll take you to the cliff.

Suddenly I see it,

My eyes click into narrow aperture,

A sharp focus takes over,

The room is insignificant,

The people are dots,

Dots on a geoboard,

Each dot the same,

Carelessly drinking,

They assume they'll do it all again,

Next week,

They make plans for tomorrow,

Because tomorrow they think they'll be here,

Selfishly whining,

Woe is them,

Shouting when they needn't be,

Making small talk,

When they don't want to be,

And I want to scream,

I want to physically take them,

To the edge of a cliff,

Show them the horizon,

Listen to the silence,

Look at the drop,

"That's death over there"; I'd say,

And I'd point,

I'd want them to nod profusely,

I'd want to see it in their eyes,

I just want them to understand,

That it's all gone in a second,

All of it,

And it can happen to any of us,

At any time,

So could they just, once in a while,

Notice that,

And stop drinking,

Stop whining, 

Stop shouting,

See the cliff,

Give me a nod,

Just so I know,

That we've both seen it,

We both know it's there.





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